Thursday, February 17, 2022


The War On Terror years were utterly insane in so many ways, and I get angry that "we've" let all these people off the hook. I found this while hunting around for something else.
I am trying not to think harshly of the Spanish. They have suffered a grievous blow, and it was crazy to go ahead with an election a mere three days after the Madrid massacre. Nonetheless, here is what seems to have happened:

The Spanish government was conducting policies in Afghanistan and Iraq that Al Qaeda found objectionable. A group linked to Al Qaeda murdered 200 Spaniards, claiming that the bombing was punishment for those policies. Some significant percentage of the Spanish electorate was mobilized after the massacre to shift the course of the campaign, throw out the old government and replace it with one whose policies are more to Al Qaeda's liking.

That's BoBo Brooks. Of course what happened in Spain then is more complicated than that, and American pundits centering their own delusions is always hilariously maddening, but basically anything other than whacking the hornet's nest with baseball bats constantly was "appeasement" because these people are murderous idiots.

No more sophisticated than "Freedom Fries."