Monday, February 14, 2022

Dissolve The People And Elect Another

It is always fascinating how political journalists emphasize, exaggerate, or even flip around poll results. When they align with the DC Consensus, even barely, the people demand it. When they are at odds with it, they can just pretend the opposite is true. A 53-47 poll can be a "clear majority" or reflect "an extremely divisive issue." A 73-27 poll can be the same!

I rarely invoke issue poll numbers except as a way of making snarky comments on the coverage by people who selectively take them seriously. The main reason is I think it isn't 1994 anymore, people really are sorted into parties pretty cleanly, and they look to the leadership of those parties (or conservative media figures, who lead the Republicans) for their cues about what to think about those issues. If there is an issue we identify with the center left which doesn't have the vast majority of self-identified Democrats on its side, it's because the Dems aren't providing clear leadership on that issue.

Or similarly, if the Bad Orange Man was for it, Democrats would be against it! Simpler when Republicans are in charge, the 'leadership' can be imagined.

Having the vast majority of Democrats doesn't get you to a majority, but almost!