Sunday, February 20, 2022

Our Causes Are Not The Same

I would say the police reform activists who don't see see themselves as adjuncts of the Democratic party whose cause is best served by serving as unpaid communications professionals for that party have been, well, proved fucking right.

"We agree with the cause, just not all the solutions and certainly not the message" has been replaced by "FUCK THOSE FUCKING FUCKS THEY'RE RUINING OUR ELECTION CHANCES FUCK THEM LET'S GIVE MORE MONEY TO UNACCOUNTABLE COPS AND GET MORE RACIST."

The belief that it is more important to cater to few hundred right wing lunatics engaged in organized school board take over attempts than to the huge mass mobilization movement is, well, interesting! 

 The belief that left wing activists are nonvoters is a common and very interesting one! But, really, it's just "fuck these people their cooties aren't worth it." There's a companion notion that activists are "young" and young people don't vote, but "young"* people turnout was high in the last two elections ( also for Obama and certainly important!) and I don't know how old people think elementary school parents are, but that you remember your mom being "old" when you were in elementary school does not mean that moms are actually old.

...Popularism! Yes Noah is just one of Twitter's dumbest personalities, but lots of dumb twitter personalities have fans in high places.

*Increasingly "young" is just some vague notion like "gluten."