Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Irrational Fear of Covid

Something I think too many people have never understood, which is especially weird in the US where there has barely been anything resembling a "lockdown" ever, is that it isn't the anti-spread measures that are keeping some people from going out as much, or whatever the GO BACK TO NORMAL crowd are demanding, it's the desire to not get Covid.

A thousand more articles in the Atlantic or NYT telling people how stupid they are for being concerned are not going to change this.

My personal attitudes are not universal, and unlike these freaks I dont expect them to be, but I also don't think I've been an especially cautious person throughout all of this. Not claiming to be everyman, but I don't think I'm an outlier either.

I went to a concert recently, despite Covid. I chose not to go to another similar event recently, because of Covid. As mask mandates, and more importantly any cultural imperative to wear masks, fade, I'll be slightly less likely to do such things, at least until cases drop a bit more.

I'm not "paranoid." I don't worry about dying or even long Covid much. Basically I don't want to get the nasty disease some of my vaxxed and boosted friends have had recently, and life is filled with fun things to do that don't require being in room filled with open mouthed strangers. I can do those things instead.

tl;dr For a lot of people, the mild measures are what have allowed them to do "normal things." I guess you can just keep calling them all crazy, but it won't help.