Wednesday, February 02, 2022

The Most Important Thing Is My Mental Health

A long time ago I posted a story from the NYT about how the FBI was targeting (or at least gathering in their wide net) Iraqi-American citizens for questioning before the Iraq war. A history law professor kept emailing me to say it wasn't happening, and when I kept replying, basically, "I dunno, man, this is what paragraph 7 of the NYT story says," he kept denying it, and then he emailed a bunch of other bloggers so they could "correct" me (but not the NYT, it was like he just wouldn't read the story). Then a bunch of dipshit warblogger-adjacent centrist bloggers also agreed it wasn't true, because if enough people on the internet agree that something isn't true, then it isn't.

I think that professor is a pretty good guy, actually! But I'm still mad about that.

I have weird grudges.