Tuesday, February 15, 2022

This Is How The Political Big Brains Justify Everything

This is from a twitter rando, "disputing" polls about mask mandates, so I obscured the identity, but you can attribute absolutely anything you want to "swing voters in an important congressional district." Chuck Schumer's imaginary friends! 

Bonus "the smart people in charge know what they're doing, dumbass!"  

All sorts of horrible views, shared by our nation's elite political journalists, are projected onto imaginary voters with no basis deeper than, occasionally, a Frank Luntz focus group (whenever a fucking focus group gets like 300 articles written about it and daily coverage on Morning Joseph, you know it's SCIENCE).

Ultimately this isn't about specific policies such as mask mandates, it's about the general move towards "fuck you, you're on your own" as if this is good politics. And, well, I'm just a city blogger, but I suspect we are going to find out that it's not, but that will be the fault of the wokes running Terry McAuliffe's campaign and the Elizabeth Warren voters who run the White House, again.