Friday, March 04, 2022

Actually, The Cause Is Bad Too

It is refreshing that "the cause is good, but it was ruined by that nasty slogan" people have stopped pretending that they think the cause is good. I get so tired of people transparently lying and then getting outraged when people correctly point out that only an idiot would not notice they are operating in bad faith.
Law enforcement agencies in Minnesota have been carrying out a secretive, long-running surveillance program targeting civil rights activists and journalists in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. Run under a consortium known as Operation Safety Net, the program was set up a year ago, ostensibly to maintain public order as Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin went on trial for Floyd’s murder. But an investigation by MIT Technology Review reveals that the initiative expanded far beyond its publicly announced scope to include expansive use of tools to scour social media, track cell phones, and amass detailed images of people’s faces.
Relatedly, can't believe they made this dishonest weirdo the It Boy for progressive strategy. And by "can't believe" I mean, "can completely believe." You know, kind of how "bad" used to mean "good." Popular appeal of nuclear annhiliation aside, the issues with clear polling support are ignored all the time, but people earn their large paychecks by focusing on the ones big donors agree with.

You get ahead in progressive politics by knowing how to impress rich people, who aren't necessarily very bright! Or progressive. DO CLAP POPULAR CLAP THINGS CLAP used to be the cry but then the people in power stopped doing popular things, so now it's just excuses for not doing anything. We all gotta eat!