Friday, March 18, 2022

Defund The Police

There was a moment when Democratic politicians (local, state, national) seemed to understand that they had to offer some path for police reform movement, that simply saying "fuck you for saying 'defund the police'" was not enough.
In a series of text messages, a white supervisor and other police officers in Montgomery County, Md., talked about preparing for a “race war,” and expressed hope that Black Lives Matter protesters would be killed, according to a federal lawsuit filed this week by a Black colleague.

The officer, Mark Miles of the Maryland-National Capital Park Police, says in the lawsuit that his supervisor and other officers repeatedly made racist, hateful and offensive comments on a group text chain that was used to discuss work assignments and other business.

Many villains to choose from that aren't named Joe Biden, but many of those villains have a D after their names. "The cause is good, but the slogan is bad" was replaced with "haha, fuck you, the cause is bad you disgusting assholes."
Javier Morillo, former president of the SEIU Local 26, said some of the language in the tentative Minneapolis police union deal is “bonkers,” and he said it “boggles the mind” why the city didn’t broker a better deal after Floyd’s killing brought “global shame” upon the city.
Again, there isn't one "boss of the police" in the country. 50 states, numerous big cities and of course numerous other municipalities. But nominal democrats tend to run the big cities.