Thursday, March 17, 2022

Lock Him Up

As I'm sure I've mentioned, Navarro used to be my "colleague." Not sure if I ever talked to him, but he was around. My memory is he was in the Business School but had a courtesy joint appointment (just a fake title) in the economics department, and my actual senior colleagues really really hated him for reasons I don't remember and wanted to revoke it.
Ziegler has also said on a rightwing podcast that he and others in Navarro’s office – seemingly referring to Trump White House aides Christopher Abbott and Hannah Robertson – started working on Navarro’s report about two weeks before the 2020 election took place. “Two weeks before the election, we were doing those reports hoping that we would pepper the swing states with those,” Ziegler said of the three-part Navarro report in an appearance last July on The Professor’s Record with David K Clements.