Sunday, March 20, 2022

Religion In Politics

Just a casual observation for a lazy Sunday, but it is quite amazing how conservative Christian language dominated The Discourse - politics and otherwise - for decades and then it just kind of disappeared.

I don't think all of those societal forces have disappeared, they're in some ways as strong as ever, but the explicit branding of everything as "faith" and "morals" and "values" has gone.  

Sure they're succeeding in banning abortion, but there's much less Jesus talk surrounding it than there used to be.

The problem with Democrats, we are told, is that they are too woke, not that they don't pepper their speeches with enough Jesus references.

It's more honest, at least if we honestly acknowledge that what is meant by "too woke" is "not racist enough."

Which is not to say it's correct in general, but it does get closer to acknowledging what the political divide in this country has long been about.