Friday, March 18, 2022

Sounds Bad

Probably is bad!
A North Carolina schools superintendent has apologized for a mock “slave auction” in which white middle-schoolers pretended to sell their Black classmates.
"Tell me you never went to an average public school without telling me" is how I always react to The Discourse about things like "liberal indoctrination in public schools," as the idea that students are typically being bombarded with ultra-lefty anti-racist "propaganda" is just absurd.

Most teachers (and this does not make them bad!) are not the imagined elite-educated ultrawoke "Teach for America" applicants (who also aren't as imagined). Just people with degrees from modest state universites ("Normal Schools" then "Teachers Colleges" many were once called), where they aren't force feeding them James Baldwin or whatever.

Speaking of the limits of punditry.