Monday, March 28, 2022

Sounds Bad

This will provide for a good example of NYT reporters doing excellent work uncovering obvious corruption, and their political reporters forgetting about it completely by tomorrow.

They will frame Manchin's opposition to things as "deep ideological commitment" or whatever instead of "deep commitment to increasing the amount of cash stashed in the safe of his yacht."

As I've long said - but perhaps not in awhile! - there's "the news" and then there's "talking about the news." Journalists at many outlets, including at That Fucking Newspaper, often do amazing work but it is forgotten right away because it's the political journalists - the worst ones, the ones who moonlight as cable news personalities - who shape the ongoing politics story.

You can write, for example, "President Trump, who has been accused of rape" every time you write about him or not. All those little choices matter.