Monday, March 14, 2022

The Challenges We Face

I'm under no illusions that this blog has magic powers. Whatever small influence on the world I might have once had has largely diminished. But even the guy who yells at the television set (ok that's me, sometimes) hopes he's being heard, somehow.

I'd like to clap louder a bit more often. I might even fake it if I thought it'd help! I try not to insta-pundit every single thing that comes out of the White House/Democrats, try to resist the impulse to play theater critic for every moment, every message, but it's disheartening to see how quickly actual Professional Advanced Politics Players (broadly defined) get back on their usual bullsht at near light speed. A window opens briefly when thing are possible, and then it's back to worrying about the SALT deduction limit (for some, other stupid venal shit for others).

And it isn't just the obviously malign actors, it's everybody with petty concerns and their own little petty empire, combined with the topsy-turvy media system that elevates defenders of the status quo as brave contrarians.

A lot of stuff going on right now!