Tuesday, March 08, 2022

The Law Is An Ass

The details are gone from my mind, but I remember during Bush v. Gore, becoming an instant Constitutional Law Expert and understanding fully that the conservative justices couldn't issue a bad ruling without completely contradicting themselves, and then they said YOLO and did it anyway. Even then they went with the, "ok this sort of extraordinary so what can we do - just ignore this ruling later." This wasn't in itself defensible, but at least comunicated some mild sense that they had to try to keep the game going.

The game of course being that elite consititutional law is just finding ever increasingly ridiculous arguments to support conservative Calvinball. I'm not entirely sure it was better for them to play this game, building up a complex incoherent system of mystical text interpretation in order to maintain the illusion, but at least they had to put the work in. Now it's lol, lmao, fuck you.