Sunday, March 06, 2022

What Are We Doing Here

This would be frustrating even in "normal times" but when gas prices are perceived to be a bit of a problem, political and economic, "get back in your cars, serfs!" is absolute madness.
WASHINGTON — For the second time in a week, President Biden on Friday urged for an end to remote work, framing the much-delayed return to the office for millions of white-collar workers as necessary for the United States to move beyond the pandemic.
Preferences differ, of course, but the possibilty of WFH for people has been one good result of the pandemic. Certain commercial real estate interests aside, "the economy" doesn't need commuters!
Because of the progress we’ve made fighting COVID, Americans can not only get back to work, but they can go to the office and safely fill our great downtown cities again,” Biden said during remarks from the White House that touched on February’s encouraging job numbers, which saw the unemployment rate fall to 3.8 percent.
American commuting patterns are awful! It doesn't have to be 1986 forever! Check out residential real estate prices in "our great downtown cities!" Build some damn houses!