Thursday, March 10, 2022

What Is Wrong With These People

Every time a rich elite opinion editor publishes a piece from some conservative college student at one of the nation's top 5 schools (total annual number of incoming students fewer than a Nickelback concert audience) whining that nobody likes them and this is CENSORSHIP and INTOLERANCE and a WORRYING NATIONAL TREND I realize that the answer is:

The people who rule our discourse are largely just hilariously stupid people who have had their brains completely broken because people call them shitheads on twitter.

Also there's no need to encourage it by paying for this stupid stuff, when you can get my stupid stuff for free!

The latest one in the NYT (not going to reward it with a link) really offers nothing more than this! The woman writing it probably spent her entire undergraduate time waiting for The Liberal Intolerence To Censor Her and all she got, even by her own admission, was a bunch of eye rolls.