Tuesday, April 05, 2022

An Actual Workplace Issue

I know people in the highly paid Hot Takes industry are quite convinced that everything is just the Free Exchange Of Noble Ideas, and that as long as someone with fancy enough friends has an Idea it should be published, but I'm still struck by the inability of people to understand that you can't run a media organization with a commitment (real or fake) to genuine workplace diversity and nondiscrimination and also publish Op-Eds like, "We Should Bring In The Military To Kill All The Black People, Who Aren't Really Human Anyway."

I mean, you shouldn't be blessing those ideas anyway, but it is also perfectly reasonable that your employees complain when you do. The creepy old white centrist dudes, and their Queen, Bari Weiss, portrayed this as unreasonable behavior by the SENSITIVE SNOWFLAKE WOKES at the New York Times, but, I dunno man, I wouldn't copy edit that shit and I'm white.