Sunday, April 03, 2022

How Is This Happening

Like almost every other American, I know very little about French politics. Like most American Advanced Politics Knowers, I understand that the Le Pens - the father then the daughter - are always looking like they're close to a triumphant victory which always eludes them. Like every American Advanced Politics Knower to the left of Mitt Romney, I know this would be very bad, as their party - National Front then National Rally - are fascist-adjacent at best.

Still politics is a bit more complicated than that, and if you're frightened by the tightening polls showing that's an increasing possibility, and want a more fleshed out explanation than, "the French like racist fascists," even if that part is true, well, here you go!

April 1 (Reuters) - A large majority of French oppose raising the legal retirement age, an opinion poll published by Les Echos newspaper showed, which could be an issue for President Emmanuel Macron, who has made that a key proposal as he seeks re-election this month.

Macron has proposed pushing the legal age at which one can receive a full pension to 65 from 62.

The far-right's Marine Le Pen would bring it down to 60 for some workers and the hard-left's Jean-Luc Melenchon for all. Conservative Valerie Pecresse and far-right Eric Zemmour, who are lower in the polls, would also have people retire later.

We can't always choose our fighters, and "the guy who announces loudly that he wants to raise the retirement age one month before an election" is not the best one! 

I am not arguing Le Pen is about to win - I have no idea! - just making the point that if it's important for centrist politicians to beat the fascists, they'd better act like it!

Macron's hardly running as anti-fa, more like "I'm a xenophobic asshole too, and also I'll raise your retirement age."

Some general lessons here.