Sunday, April 10, 2022

Two Great Tastes

While it doesn't get much coverage here, the Macron government has been incredibly hostile to Muslims, supporting and enacting racist rhetoric and policies. If I were a French Muslim citizen or ally, I certainly wouldn't be too motivated to go vote for them!

And this stuff isn't "they're doing racisms for the politics, it's the savvy way to win." They obviously believe it!

Racism+raising the retirement age versus racism+lowering the retirement age! Tough one, especially for the voters that don't like racism!

Again, if you believe there are an ummovable block of people who like Macron/Trump/etc that are an insurmountable majority, that every possible voter for these people can only be appealed to with MOOOAR FASCISM, and no other possible voters can be swayed or mobilized, then, you know, we're done. Time to go get new hobbies as it all falls apart.

Macron and Le Pen go to the run-off, as predicted by polls.