Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Your Liberal Media

Just filled with racists.
In the letter to the publisher in August 2020, Commercial employees similarly cited instances where hiring and promotion by White managers heavily favored White employees and excluded Black staffers — what they called a “textbook case of affinity bias.”

The slights toward Black employees have existed in more explicit forms as well. In the newsroom, a journalist who worked as an editor and reporter at The Post described the racially insensitive comments he endured on the National desk. “I replaced [a senior Black reporter], who had moved on to a new position, and some people referred to my position as ‘the Black position’ on National,” he said.

His issue highlights the complexity of being Black at The Post, where employees are often “the only,” if they are visible at all.

Not only did this employee feel he was viewed merely as a diversity hire, but he also said there were a number of people who refused to even acknowledge his existence.

“I worked on National for four years, and [an award-winning senior journalist], on those rare occasions he was in the newsroom, would look at me and visibly frown every time he saw me. Never so much as a hello, even if I said ‘hi’ first,” he said.