Friday, May 13, 2022

Catching The Car

I'm not optimistic about our inevitable post-Roe world, but I hope our chosen fighters realize that Republicans are already on defense (they lie a lot, mostly).
The best news is that behind their puffed chests and the blasé confidence (which they brandish all the time, in every circumstance) Republicans really do seem to get that the end of Roe will leave them badly, badly exposed.

You can see it everywhere. At the level of highest generality, you see it in the fact that Republicans are plainly not basking in the glow of a hard-fought victory. They began first with a somewhat comically desperate effort to get reporters to stop asking about the Alito opinion and focus instead on the outrageousness of the leak itself, which for a few days at least they pretended to pin on some anonymous liberal. (cf, “You need, it seems to me—excuse the lecture—to concentrate on what the news is today. Not the leaked draft, but the fact that the draft was leaked," Mitch McConnell scolded reporters last week.)

A good time to go on offense, and not, as tends to be the case, sit there hope they find the rakes to keep stepping on all by themselves.