Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Coming For It All

With a 5-4 Court they might have done a "pretending not to overturn Roe while actually overturning it" thing but with 6-3 it was inevitable they'd just go for the whole thing. And not just Roe, of course, they'll come for everything else, too. This is their chance.

What I don't think enough people realize is that whatever one's thoughts about "abortion on demand" (this is not a good term, but it is a term of art that is used), it is impossible to give women basically any medical care, not just OB/GYN related care but certainly that, if it is a felony crime to cause an "abortion" (miscarriage). I don't know how doctors can practice medicine like this. At all.

Here on this very fine blog we tend to take it as given that Republicans/conservatives will do the worst thing they can get away with. Now, what are Dems going to do about it?

Susan Collins has learned her lesson.

I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I don't have a chance to survey it, but I bet 50% of the coverage is on THE LEAK and how this goes against DECADES OF SUPREME COURT OMERTA NORMS OH MY GOD SOME NERD LAW CLERK DID A BAD THING HOW DARE THEY. THAT IS THE REAL SCANDAL.

News orgs hate covering abortion and love covering palace intrigue.