Friday, May 06, 2022

Defund Women's Health Care

A lot of focus over the past few years on bad messaging by people mostly not affiliated with the Democratic party. Democrats can't stop talking about it! Democratic pundits won't stop going on teevee reminding people about it!

Why can't centrists stop saying "defund the police"? I have been told it is very unpopular!

A timely intervention because they'd rather talk "defund" than abortion.

Can't control the people not on the payroll, but I do wish they'd give more thought to the people on the payroll.

In an interview with the San Antonio Report, Clyburn downplayed the significance of abortion among his party’s base.

“Does this issue carry more weight than voting [rights]? I don’t think so,” Clyburn said. “I think restoring the Voting Rights Act is a much weightier issue than this.”

I'm a bit confused by how these things are in competition, and what that has to do with anti-abortion Cuellar. Voting rights are certainly important! But "vote Dems if only because of the Supreme Court [which was always just code for abortion]" has been the text and subext of 30 years of politics! Can't just brush it away. "Abortion - Just Not That Important" is not good messaging!

Going to get a lot of this from centrist pundits, too, who are or aren't on the payroll depending on how you squint, but they're much more on the payroll than police reform activists.