Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Failure Points

An important concept I learned years ago is that if you construct a plan that requires "X,Y,Z,A,B, and C" to work, then you need to really consider the consequences of one or more of those things failing, because quite likely at least one will!

Putting cops in schools, militarizing police departments, giving them all fancy equipment and guns and riot gear, and... what if they don't use those things for what they are intended for?

Police department leaders need to tell their officers today what is expected of them and to understand that Americans demand it.
(though I'm not sure there's a good purpose for many of those things, anyway).

There's a bit of a problem in a world where every politician has decided that it is Woke Nonsense to demand any accountability from police whatsoever. There's been a nonstop copaganda backlash in our elite publications from our glorious centrists and journalists, which has been ratcheting up more and more. Racist cop union written attacks on any DA who actually suggests cops should do their fucking jobs as advertised, instead of just harassing and slaughtering black people. Mainstream journalists just running with right wing attacks on low crime liberal cities and ignoring even their neighboring city high crime ones with their right wing DAs.

Yes, Annie Lowrey, this is on you, too. Hope The Atlantic pays well. Not that you need it.

After everything that's happened in the past few years, they all *know* the bullshit they are peddling, and they do it anyway. How does everybody keep getting worse?