Monday, May 30, 2022


A commonly expressed opinion by the "liberals" in elite con law was that enshrining an individual right to own guns could actually be GOOD for "reasonable" gun regulations, as once the right was established, there would be less of a backlash to minor regulations involving that right. No right is limitless, all are balanced against other competing rights, so once we establish that the government can't just come take all your guns, the gun gropers - and the gun manufacturer lobby - will calm down and "common sense" laws would be possible (these people always think what they want is "common sense" being prevented by extremists on Both Sides). 

My guys, do you ever stop talking yourself into compromises the other side isn't offering? Do you ever understand the nature of the battle, or the players, or their motives?

I suspect I bought this at some point, back when I trusted smart "liberal" lawyers more.