Monday, May 09, 2022


Every time lefties do something like "protest" or "write a blog post" or whatever, The Discourse becomes full of nothing but hand wringing about whether the protesters are HELPING OR HURTING THEIR CAUSE.

And, I dunno man, how's the tactic of relying on majorities in Congress and the power of the presidency going?

I dunno what works, but what the highly paid professionals and Advanced Politics Knowers are doing isn't working.

Also, very quickly they transfer the importance of the issue to "activists" as if the issue isn't supposed to be important to them, also, too. ARE ACTIVISTS HURTING THEIR CAUSE? I dunno, is Nancy Pelosi hurting hers?

Of course what they want to communicate is that "Pelosi" (or whoever) was going to take care of it, until those meddling activists ruined everything.

Don't fall for that bullshit.

And right on cue.

Channel, don't chastise.