Monday, May 23, 2022


I know he's been one of my somewhat-boring-to-you obsessions, as he perfectly combined some of my various other obsessions, but it's satisfying to me that the reality of Musk (and increasingly Tesla) has been put on display for everyone else to see.

This isn't an "I told you so post," more just a bit of relief, as being the lonely voice screaming in the wilderness can be a bit crazy-making sometimes. Only fools and Frenchmen think Musk is anything less than a real life Tony Stark.

That supposedly intelligent people get taken in so easily by various techno-utopian promises, no matter how absurd they are, is a bit of a problem. That widespread belief in those promises provides cover for obvious malfeasance and corruption is another!

Tesla's stock price runs on hype.  Always tempted to short it, but as the man said, the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

Being skeptical about self-driving cars generally, and Musk specifically, inspired the kind of condescending contempt I haven't experienced since doubting the sincerity of Colin Powell!

I'm a big boy on the internet and I mostly found it funny, but as I said it can be a bit crazy-making sometimes. How's your self-driving car, Kevin?