Saturday, May 28, 2022


A funny thing about being a somewhat lefty guy is I am acutely aware of which of my absurd opinions are popular and which ones aren't, both in terms of top line polling numbers which never provide a full picture and a more nuanced complete picture. 

People bathed in the census Washington Consensus just assert their beliefs are popular. It is extra funny as those centrists threw their lot in with a bunch of guys pretending to be data nerds, who also just pick and choose polls and ignore them when they are inconvenient.

Abortion is popular. More gun laws are popular.  Poll wording and some "outs" for squishes diminish the clarity of that, but they clearly point to support for politicians who champion these issues (geography depending, somewhat). 

And how supposedly neutral journalists torture polls to fit their narrative is the easiest way to know which team they're playing for. I don't mean bias or preconceptions, I mean literal team playing.