Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Saint McCain

A million "stories" about McCain that journalists knew, because they are gossipy bitches and McCain and everybody near him were gossipy bitches, but nothing ever punctured the view from the tire swing in the way he was talked about.
The senior strategist for Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign said on Sunday night that he had lied to discredit a New York Times article that reported on Mr. McCain’s close relationship with a female lobbyist, a claim that the candidate and the campaign attacked at considerable length at the time.
Of course there was good journalism about McCain, but as I always say, there's the news and there's the talking about the news, and it's often quite amazing how stories by actual journalists land in the New York Times and then are promptly ignored by the rest of the press corps.

Putting it another way, every journalist knew the story was true and that McCain and his people were lying, yet did not update their tales of the Last Honest Man In Washington.