Tuesday, May 03, 2022

The Hissy Fits Are So Predictable

Predicting that the press would focus on the leak rather than the fact that women will soon be unable to receive medical care in this country was the easiest correct prediction I ever made.

Abortion is a good example of an issue where the press treats clear support for one position as a "country divided" position. As I regularly say, sometimes the country is divided when an issue is 55-45! Sometimes 80-20! Sometimes the 45 and certainly the 20 are treated as fringe views! It depends on the issue, and how much reporters sympathize with the minority view.

Yes abortion polling is slightly fuzzy because the poll questions always give squishy people an out - "Should it be illegal in SOME cirumstances." But there is majority support for choice basically every other way the questions are asked, and strong majorities against criminalizing patients, making rape/incest cases illegal, etc...