Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Really Thin Blue Line

This was a bit too prescient.

The initial story was that he was decked out like some sort of Super Robocop wearing Mithral Mail or some shit, and 3 cops threw everything they had at him but he got into the school anyway.

Now we find out that there wasn't any "body armor," the 3 cops didn't do shit except say, "pretty please, don't go in," they called their dozen or so buddies to come, who proceed to do absolutely nothing except prevent parents from doing anything (tasers included).

They left the shooter in a classroom so a couple of them could run into to rescue their own kids, and then ran out. They didn't do anything else until the Border Patrol, who they called, showed up, though I have no fucking idea what the BP has to do with this. The cops even got another kid killed because they ran in and said, we're cops who needs help!, and some kid shouted and the shooter shot him.

This might be even more horrifying than it sounds at first.

I don't expect Paul Blart to be a hero, but we've spent immense amount of money paying cops to harass minority kids in schools and rape teenage girls, and otherwise do nothing because they're bored out of their minds, and this is the result.

Probably be a White House ceremony honoring their heroism by the end of the week.

Criticizing these heroes will be the new "defund the police," damn [checks notes] grieving parents ruining things for Pelosi in the fall!