Friday, May 06, 2022

Tiller The Baby Killer

Bill O'Reilly called George Tiller that regularly for years, with predictable results as Tiller was assasinated in 2009.

Despite that, Barack Obama gave a much touted "Super Bowl Interview" to Bill O'Reilly. OK, you're saying, sometimes you do these things for politics, to get elected. Yes, sure, smart guy, that was in 2014.

Not exactly O'Reilly's only abhorrent view, statement, or action either.

I do think a big part of vibe politics is communicating clearly which side you're on, and while CW in Dem circles is that this is alienating, I suspect there's already a party for O'Reilly fans.

Obama didn't actually have to hand it to the guy. Also, that was in 2014.