Monday, June 13, 2022

An Armed Society

It's maddening have to say extremely obvious things out loud, but: one way to tell who "The bad guy" is in any "active shooter" situation or, more broadly, in any situation, is he is the guy with the gun. In a society in which everyone is carrying guns, anyone can be the bad guy or the about-to-be-bad guy.

Also, if people travel in groups, with guns, that's scary! Ten people with guns walking towards, say, a synagogue, is really fucking scary! Or it might just be an afternoon stroll in Texas!

I don't know how elites think they can carve themselves out of this hellscape they're creating. What's the law against a group of armed people regularly strolling by the house of a member of Congress? This is FREEDOM I have been told, and in fact necessary to protect us from the tyranny of [checks propaganda] the members of Congress!