Friday, June 10, 2022

"Collecting Our Yacht Money While Blaming Others For Our Failures"

"These activists are of course wrong. We of course love our police and want them to be able to do their jobs of fighting crime without some of these other distractions, which is why we're going to put some resources into other programs to take the burden off them."

Distancing yourself from the crazy activists while still addressing the issues is the simplest political play. It's also win win! It's the basic centrist-leftist kayfabe that everyone seems to have forgotten about! You do the right thing (a bit, at least) while The Left still yells at you so you can say you're making those people mad!

Now they refuse to even do a little bit of the right thing and instead keep talking about how their party is filled with villainous traitors and scum and nobody should vote for them, but somehow that's because the villainous traitors and scum are bad at messaging.

They aren't just assholes, the are incompetent. They are going to go on teevee and talk about "defund" for the next 20 years!