Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Deep Something

I am not quite sure how to describe an organization like Brookings, but  how our elite news orgs treat Brookings - objective purveyors of scientific wisdom and policy advice untarnished by ideology or partisanship or any agenda whatsoever - rather than a very sketchy tool of its unmentioned donors says a lot about a lot of things.
The FBI has seized the electronic data of a retired four-star general who authorities say made false statements and withheld “incriminating” documents about his role in an illegal foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of the wealthy Persian Gulf nation of Qatar.

New federal court filings obtained Tuesday outlined a potential criminal case against former Marine Gen. John R. Allen, who led U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan before being tapped in 2017 to lead the influential Brookings Institution.

How Brookings is treated in the press versus how dogooder "activist" orgs operating on 6 figures are...