Monday, June 27, 2022

It's Always 1994

My spicy take was even spicier, but I'll give you this one: Dems candidates won't even run on abortion in the Fall, aside from panicked fundraising messages, and they'll get mad at "activists" for bringing it up, or bringing it up "the wrong way," and then blame them for their losses.

(CNN)Top Biden administration officials will be dispatched across the country this week to reassure Americans that combating inflation remains a top priority for the White House as prices soar and economic concerns mount, a White House official tells CNN.
Should we embrace the new subject which benefits us, or keep dwelling on their favorite topic? Should we play defense on their home field or offense on ours? Tough call, coach.

If you saw Dems recoil at "defund," see how much they recoil from unapologetic abortion activists, even as the cops are beating those activists.

Happy to be wrong!