Monday, June 27, 2022

Old Time Religion

I wasn't raised as religious (or to be non-religious) but considered myself to be an atheist/agnostic at a very young age. Don't even remember how/why precisely. I was quiet about it, scared to say anything. It wasn't because I was being rebellious or whatever.

I had a couple of teachers who were very Christian and tried to sneak it in when they could, something I was surprisingly aware of given my age.

In 5th grade we had a couple day class "camping" trip and my teacher, probably thinking off school grounds made things more acceptable, had a student say grace before every meal. He told me to do it once! My memory is fuzzy here. I *think* I declined and said why and he let it go. Anyway, no real point, other than letting teachers do that is really bad and and it's very maddening coming in the name of religious freedom!