Thursday, June 09, 2022

The New York Times's Worst Journalist

Michael Powell. I always "laugh" because a few years ago, the New York Times put out a job announcement inviting people to apply to a [wrongly conceived of] culture war/campus controversy beat job, and many journalists thought it was an exciting opportunity for people of color in journalism, especially, and then they handed the beat to their longtime employee, the nearing 60 white guy Powell. Always obvious who the heroes are (conservatives whining about people being mean to them) and who the villains are (any minorities who are upset about anything ever).

"Campus" of course is, as always, about 10 elite schools that the weirdos in journalism obsess about.

"The transes ruined abortion rights, which I do not support anyway" is quite the take these days, and Mikey is there for it!

Polls show support for abortion rights is higher than ever, so what exactly is the mechanism here, other than "elite pundits hate trans people." 

 That fucking newspaper!!!