Sunday, July 31, 2022

A Beat So Sweet I Can Never Let It Go

Years and years ago there was a bit of a back and forth which probably started on private email lists and spilled out into blogs/social media about "beat sweeteners," the very standard practice of political journalists writing puff pieces about people in power which is justified by their access to imagined later scoops.

Take notice after every new presidential team takes power. You'll see puff piece after puff piece. 

Of course, generally the "scoops" are just more self-serving bullshit by the various powerful people, each with their own eager stenographer. Gives the journalist stories, and gives the powerful person a free PR person, but doesn't necessarily benefit the reader!!!

Anyway, you don't really need clues like this to know who the symbiotic pairs are. Or, at least, you don't, dear readers, but most casual news readers have no idea.