Friday, July 22, 2022

I'm A Humorless Scold

I admit I've lost most of my sense of humor about politics. I can't even laugh at the J6 video of Josh Hawley bravely running away.

I think it was during the early Trump administration when SNL would get easy laughs out of making Sean Spicer, or whoever, seem silly, and I'd just think, "These people are not silly! They are dangerous!"

The thing is, I still do think humor is a powerful and important tool (and, also, we should laugh even at the horrors!). But too much of it just seems to trivialize things.

To me!!! Everyone else can laugh!!! I'm not really a scold.

OK, Fetterman regularly ethering Oz does entertain me, probably because Oz is, at the moment, merely silly and ridiculous.