Monday, July 11, 2022


The worst ghouls got the Biden "course correction" they wanted and this is the result. Their solution of course will be demanding "moderation" and "Sister Souljah moments" because it's all they know. "Popularism" rivals libertarianism in its record on achieiving its stated, though not actual, goals.

Numbers for 18-29 are abysmal, and I expected the general response will be something along the lines of, "fuck the young people, they don't vote anyway," and, well, if you think Dems can't win any elections without 2018 (midterm) levels of young people turnout/support...

"Young people don't vote" is the binky of enraged liberal boomers, but young people have actually been voting in relatively high numbers recently! High relative to "young people" in the past! Those former young people are now not young people, but when they were they voted less!

Anyway, you go to politics with the electorate you have, and not the one you want, and people are being paid much more money than I am to achieve these poll numbers!