Friday, July 29, 2022


BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — After a nearly 70-year absence, a passenger train running from Vermont's revitalized Burlington train station to New York City is scheduled to head south Friday as part of a nationwide renewal of interest in rail travel.
Of course we should build true supertrains, and this is not that, but I do think the American popular train Discourse is hurt by the focus on high speed rail.
The 7 1/2 hour trip between Burlington and New York will be about two hours longer than driving. The top speed between Burlington and Rutland will be 59 miles per hour (94.95 kph), but that could be increased with future technology upgrades.
"Technology upgrades" means, I am sure, "straightening track, removal of at grade crossings, electrification, and segments of passing track" which aren't "technology upgrades" in the way people understand them. You don't need freakin' magnets, is what I'm saying.
But as for 7.5 hours, reliability and frequency are much more important than speed. Of course it "should" be faster, but....