Monday, July 11, 2022

The Kids Today

An obvious thing in some ways, but still a bit hard to grasp in the particulars, is that people not much younger than me (and you and you and you) have a very different frame of reference and foundational knowledge. That's exacerbated now by the complete collapse of anything resembling "traditional media" that I grew up with and lasted probably until about the election of Obama. I mean, almost no one under 30 (35?? 40???) has ever purchased a newspaper, and I don't bring that up to fetishize print in any particular way. 

But I'm more thinking of the former. People under 40 don't have fond memories of the older party stalwarts, for example (for better or for worse). They don't remember Clinton impeachment. The examples aren't the point, but I bring up the examples to suggest there's a weird lack of continuity, of "shared history."  Not simply because The Kids Today don't know the past, but because of an actual discontinuity.  Probably not going to explain this well.

The Kids Today, even the D ones, don't have the fond memories of the Dems of past. Except Obama, and I'm not sure that's been fond for awhile.