Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Wave Goodbye

Sensibles who win House races in swing districts like to tell themselves that it was because of their unique genius, but mostly they simply come in with the tide and go out with it. Their fortunes don't depend on displaying some sort of Bipartisan Independitude but rather on the fortunes of The Democratic Party. A few are simply eyeing their next meal ticket, but a lot really believe that running against their own party, along with sabotaging its agenda, is the ticket to success.

Democrats suck, vote for me, a Democrat, but not like those other crazy Democrats, is not a winning message.

There wasn't one single reason for the Dem wipeout in 2010, but part of it was due to all of Rahm's shitty 2006 candidates thinking they could win by running against Obama. If people want to vote against the party in power, because you've told them they should, they're smart enough to know how to do that.