Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Playing Wii In Second Life

I'm skeptical about the "metaverse" for various likely correct reasons,but more "sex bots" and "killing dragons" and less "virtual meetings with your legless Mii" and "exciting graphics from 1994" would at least hint at something marketable.
Took me awhile to realize that was Sagrada Familia, somewhere I have been several times. It doesn't look like that, and not just because of shitty graphics.

I remember in the early days of "the internet," VRML was a big thing because all the big brains believed internet shopping couldn't be popular unless they could "simulate the experience of walking through a real mall" or some nonsense like that.

The promise - even fake - of exciting online life is that it's an escape from the real thing, not that it's just a dull 16 bit graphic simulacrum of it.