Saturday, August 27, 2022


Modest student debt relief has inspired a kind of rage that is somewhat baffling (intense among a certain set, not necessarily widespread). Of all the "wasted money" given to "undeserving people" this seems pretty low on the list of things to get enraged about, even if you agree with the things in quotes.
Student debt allows a certain kind of prestige-hoarder to pay lip service to the ideal of universal education, while also looking down on some graduates as, well, not quite the real thing. "Technically, you have a degree, but we all know you don't truly belong up here, dear." Erase that debt, and this distinction disappears. College graduates are all just college graduates again. A little bit more equality has entered the picture, and a little bit of prestige has departed.

I suspect this is what most people really mean when they say student debt relief is "unfair."
A lot of people getting mad are also pretending not to understand that this was something Biden could do with his pen, unlike the 10 other types of social spending they're pretending to support but wouldn't actually.