Monday, August 01, 2022

We Turn To A Panel Of Ross Douthat, Chris Cillizza, Chris Christie, And Karl Rove

Not that this is exactly new for women but as "are women human? views differ?" moves further into contestable political territory, women will increasingly not be asked to speak for themselves. It will get even worse. Women are advocates, for women, you see, unlike, um a bunch of male pundits who have "opinion columnist" or "republican strategist" on their nametags who approach every issue with detached disinterested Vulcan logic.
Glenn Kessler already pulled the, "a [lady] doctor is an untrustworthy advocate" maneuver.
As I said, this isn't exactly new for women, but it will get worse, and it's always important to pay attention to who gets to speak for themselves and who does not, who are the "we" in New York Times pieces and who are the "they," who gets talked about as if they aren't in the room (because they aren't) and who gets to talk.