Friday, September 16, 2022


I don't need to be a smart law talking guy to get how corrupt Cannon is.

The question is, really, what is DOJ going to do about it?

I ask a version of what I've asked before, which is what if the Supreme Court decrees tomorrow that, AKSHUALLY, Donald Trump is president? Does Biden vacate the White House, saying, "gotta vote harder, folks!?" or what?

We imagine they won't do that, but where, exactly, is the line? There are 4 on SCOTUS who are unbelievably, undeniably, corrupt, and 2 more who are likely to decide with them on any given issue (I'm not really putting the other 2 in a different category, other than, "haven't let the mask slip quite as much").

I try to be a bit chipper, but really this stuff takes a toll on me.