Saturday, September 17, 2022


I worried a lot during the Bush administration about the system breaking. And it cracked a lot, in ways we just sort of accept now. We tortured some folks, you know.

But I suppose it didn't break, even if in certain areas, but not all, it is a one way ratchet in the "bad" direction. 

"Unitary executive" and "Fourthbranch" were worrying "legal theories," but they at least did have some theorizing behind them (okay Fourthbranch was pretty ridiculous). Now it's "lol the constitution says former presidents named Trump are president for life!"

I do keep asking, where is the line? If some random judge in Florida issues a decree that, "Atrios must be shot," and it goes up the appeal chain, and the Supremos say 5-4, Atrios gets it, are the Feds obligated to put a bullet in me?

How ridiculous can it get?