Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Also, just what do you all think your good friends and honorable debating partners at the Federalist Society were up to all those years?
With that in mind, the experts look at Cannon’s decision and see balderdash everywhere. What they don’t get is that Cannon looked at her balderdash and thought, “Well, who’s going to stop me?” There are no “judge cops,” you see, only other judges, and if all roads eventually lead to the Roberts court, there’s no reason for her to worry too much about whether she’s stuffed a bunch of legal half-assery into her rulings. As TNR’s Matt Ford has reported, Cannon’s hardly the first lower court judge to indulge herself in some right-wing hackery. She won’t be the last.
Consider decades of reporting on the conservative legal movement, including by many "liberal" legal journalists/lawyers. Just all nonsense from start to finish. Just giving the con man's pitch for him.